I am starting this blog to write answers of all Common Questions, Getting from my clients again and again with different e-banding projects.

Let us start with the prompting question of “Why a company needs blog page?”

Before proceeding let us first understand, What is a Blog?

A blog is a resource on your website that contains articles which educate your visitors about your specific way of working style, and occasionally about your products or services. It is one of the best way to attract your target market towards your website with informative content that answers questions and provides solutions to the problems they have. Not only just information sharing but blog page gives you an opportunity to shows that you are knowledgeable, have an opinion and are aware of industry trends.

While talking about professional website, profit of having blog is very important. Profit can be in terms of knowledge, experience or getting targeted clients. Normally more than 65% consumers learn about a company through articles rather than ads.

In short objective of having a blog is to develop a connection and build relationships with potential and current customers, vendors and other businesses in the industry. Also, engaging current visitors with enabled comment boxes and other portals for interaction.

If you are aware of social media marketing, you must be thinking why we need a blog page if we already have ample followers on various platforms of social media? But blog will be your exclusive territory where you can promote your business without worrying about complying with the ever-changing policies and terms of service of different social media website.

Managing a company and maintaining a consistent blog schedule is not easy but that is the area where you need to work smartly. Many business owners never write a single post (excluding me obviously!) which limits them from expressing their views and connect without boundaries. As a matter of fact you can also invite guest bloggers, freelancers, and even an existing sales team to write on your behalf, but the best way to get more close to your visitors is writing your own blog. Also, allow your team members to write their own thoughts and experiences.

Start your company blog today because, if you are running your own business, sooner or later someone will advise you to create a blog. But make sure if you can’t commit on writing it regularly, leave the concept that very minute. Remember, a lame blog that hasn’t been updated for long will make you look like you’ve gone out of business and it is a lot worse situation than not having a blog.

Now you know why you need blog page for your company website. Soon we will be back with you to discuss on topics like: Planning a good company website, how to select subject and how to write for targeted audience on your blog etc. So stay connected!!