While selecting domain name for your future project or website, explore the possibilities, think about what different names can communicate to prospects and clients or Represent you, your thoughts, your business or brand, be creative and have fun, just make sure to remember following points to make domain visitors friendly and memorable.
  1. Make it short and memorable, easy to say, easy to spell, easy to read even in lowercase letters, catchy and easy to remember: No domain name needs to be long or drawn out. Keep it simple and to the point, unique, and easy to pronounce and spell while sharing on phone talk.
  2. Avoid hyphens and numbers, make it clear-not cryptic: Don’t include numbers or hyphens in your domain name. The key of successful domain ame is one that is memorable, and if you can’t remember where the hyphens go or how many numbers you included, you’re only confusing your future visitors.
  3. Only 1 or 2 words long, 3 words is acceptable; 4 is generally too long unless the words are short: Long domain will be hard to remember, same time its make your email address and sub domains more long and more hard to share/remember.
  4. Represent you/your business or brand: Domain need to represent you, what you want to share under that domain or your business-brand or purpose of your website.
  5. Include relevant keywords: If your domain name is keyword (words that represent purpose of your website or your brand or product) rich, you’ll be much more SEO (Search engine optimization) friendly than you would be if you used a domain name without relevant keywords. Adding keywords to your domain name creates a fantastic domino effect—your business will come up in Google and other searches when potential visitors/customers type/search these words in, increasing your site traffic and search engine rank.
  6. Add ‘.com/.in/.co.in’ (talking about india here) as your extension: Should your domain name extension be .com, .org, .edu., or even as now day the trendy .co? Your best bet is to first look at your industry (for example, most nonprofits/ngo have .org extensions, schools/collages use .edu) to select domain extension. single dot(.) extension will be easy to use for common/non-technical person.
  7. Search for slimier domain with different extension: if your future domain is ‘abc.com’ and ‘abc.net’ is already resisted avoid this domain else it will confused your future visitors.
  8. Buy common misspellings and other extension of your domain name, for future security and protect your brand.
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